Ipod shuffle play count not updating

15-Oct-2019 11:30

Siri will only play music from My Music, and won't play anything from Apple Music? The Fix: Siri didn’t recognize you as subscribed to Apple Music.

A simple reboot should fix the issue A lot of people outside the US are running into an issue with Apple Music Radio is not fully working and are getting the error message: 'Unable to start station. Try again later.' While people in the US aren’t experiencing this problem, there has been one solution offered that worked for some.

Additionally, if you’re just not sure how to sync playlists at all in the new i OS 8.4 and i Tunes, then here’s how that’s changed.

This problem actually has a similar solution to other issues people are facing with playlists. At the bottom is the option “Music Available Offline”.

“Repeat” and “Shuffle” functions are bottom left of the screen.

Ok, so problems with turning off shuffle and repeat mode are being reported like crazy and I think this is largely a design problem with Apple. The Fix: A) Press on The Grey bar at the bottom of the screen that shows the song currently playing.

Maybe you made a smart playlist with all your songs but found after a while your device started freezing or running really slow during the transfers. The Fix: The problem arises when you try downloading a lot of songs from only one playlist.

You’ll start experiencing problems with playlists of over a couple hundred including everything from freezing, stopping, running slow and rebooting.

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The solution is to break those large playlists into smaller ones and then transfer.The Fix: A) Certain songs are not available for streaming. In this case, try to download again, or delete and download again.Noticed whenever you hit the "Play" button right next to a playlist, instead of all the tracks in that playlist being added to the list of songs playing next, the first track is added "on repeat" endlessly?Or when you try to sync through i Tunes it won’t work due to “not enough memory”?

As a result you may be unable to play a lot of music you had before Apple Music. The Fix: Update i Tunes to version 12.2 and then try syncing.There are a couple of ways to remedy this problem with the Apple music app not working.‪The Fix: Have you noticed that when you go through an area where your service/ connection speeds change, Apple Music pauses and you have to hit play to resume playback even with offline streaming? The Fix: Even if you are playing offline music, when away from a Wi-Fi connection you have to allow Apple Music to use cellular data for it to work properly.