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20-Jan-2020 13:10

Our clients are people from all over the world who are looking for their true love.

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There’s a certain thrill that rushes through your veins when swiping left or right on a potential match.

Shalom was started to help people in the Jewish community find their life partners.

I have a decent number of Jewish friends who face a similar challenge of finding the right partner.

“Currently, we’re exploring some creative ways to help people communicate better within Shalom, beyond just a texting based chat interface.” Berenice is the founder of Shalomoji, a Jewish Emoji app.

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She runs the Shalomoji blog, where she interviews Jewish influencers to help inspire newbie entrepreneurs, bloggers, and thought leaders.

Those are all words that induce feelings related to love and fulfillment.” Another exciting twist that sets Shalom apart from its competitors is the option of using the app via Facebook Messenger.