Keep dating broke guys

17-Mar-2020 12:49

Did I also forget to mention that Struggle Bae didn’t have his own car and couldn’t even get a squatter because he credit was too bad, which meant I had to drive him around everywhere? Nor did he own a suit and some nice shoes – not necessarily because of lack of money but because, in his words, “I’m not about putting on airs.” And also he once turned down a promotion and a raise at his job, which would have been the kickstarter needed to get himself out of his mother’s house, because he didn’t want to turn into a “corporate drone.” Eventually I would stop listening to the Harveys of the world and told Hobo Joe to take his handkerchief bindle and hit that chow line. If don’t nobody else care, Tupac cares – but mostly from a distance.

And if there are any job leads or other opportunities, I will be certain to pass them along.

And this is not to say that if you suddenly lose your wealth, I’m gone too. But rather, what I discovered from that broke relationship (and the others), that in spite of the narrative about women passing over good dudes because of their financial inadequacies, sometimes there is a clear and direct correlations between his financial insecurities and his ability to be a good partner.

And sometimes a man on the bus is there, not because he’s taking the long way up from fries to restaurant chain CEO, but because he is trifling, a spendthrift and just flat out irresponsible.

Firstly, I’m not quite sure yet if my “looking for”-list is complete. And the only thing they can spare is what’s swinging between their legs.

I nodded along to his stories as I took bites of my pasta, methodically peppering him with questions while revealing very little about myself.

A “job,” which he can buy a house, lease a car on his own, raise families and/or dogs, and pay for decent dates with.

I’m looking for someone with a future that includes some proof of advancement, keen financial planning, investments and retirement plans.

His smile turned sideways and his eyes bent into a squint, “What kind of security? After all, conventional, male centered wisdom is that women often times pass up great guys on the come up in blue collars, for half-way decent ballers and other bad boys, all because they got a little extra change.

No this is not a golddigger’s anthem, but rather an acknowledgment that for some of us ladies with bills of our own, romance and finance goes together like steak and cheese. And nobody – and I mean, NOBODY – has time to front you and me at the same time.

Women like that were bad, according to the Harveys.

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