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The guys who become confident and connect with lots of girls are the ones who put the most time in. Let’s use Occam’s Razor to slash through your other sticking points: Get off your ass and approach a ton of girls.

This alone will determine the bulk of your results.

That way, in those trying times, there will be some holding power. When was the last time you played a board game or had a tickle fight or took a walk around the block hand in hand? And you inspire in that person an appreciation for your service, the sense that they are, in fact, loved. The more of such traits that you have, the greater your capacity to love. Craig Giorgiana, we all have one of three primary love languages.

Don’t let the little things slide or you’ll likely have a bigger mess to clean up later. If you put your spouse at the end of every list, your marriage will be at the end of the list too. Selfishness and pride are the twin destroyers of love. Forcing others into your particular preferred mode of communication is a losing proposition.

My approach e Book contains straightforward examples and anxiety exercises to try right now. You wouldn’t expect to know how to play a piano by thinking about playing.

You would sit down, place your hands on the keys, and practice your ass off. You can shoot the shit with close friends and family because you’ve interacted with them many times.

Additionally, you have already unavoidably creeped out someone in your life before and survived. Flirt like crazy, create lots of physical contact, and escalate the situation.

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They’ve discovered the simple solution that always works — action.

Do that with women and you’ll hit that same comfortable rhythm.