Letland dating sider

15-Nov-2020 16:25

M-08-B is used simultaneously with M-09-B, M-10-B, M-11-B and M-12-B. M-11-B Card with the machine cancellation M-11-B with the text IZSTĀDE – TIRGUS RIGA-20. VIII-1924 FOIRE-MESSE-FAIR (Exhibition – fair Riga 20. VIII-1924, the last line FAIR in French, German and English) , serial letter B. In 1908 the publishing house moved from Hemer to Ludwigslust (address on this cover). Christian Sauerland from Hemer, a little place in western Germany, made this first issue when he was 24 year.In 1870 a part of the Alexanderstreet get the name Alexander Boulevard, now a part of the Brivīdas Boulevard.

In the tables of von Hofmann and Juris Mors this machine cancellation is indicated as M-05-B. On a detail of the map in the Baedeker 1912 you see in the lengthening of Kalku street: Alexander Boulevard.In the street was also placed the Equestrian statue of Peter the Great, we have seen here before. Also the postmarks in Russia change in the ‘crossed date’-type.In 1812 the Alexander-arch was build on the street, a triumph arch in honour of the victory of Alexander I over Napoleon.

So the street was called around 1818 Alexanderstreet and in 1861 ‘Great Alexanderstreet’.Here below a card from Riga to Middelburg (Netherlands) with the theatre of Riga: The address-side of this card: The postmark of Riga is one-rings, ‘cross-date’. In the middle the day stays first, under it the month (in Roman numerals), left of the whole the century and right the rest of the year. About the theatre on the two cards above: the National Opera House was constructed in 1863 by the St.