Light skin dating

26-Feb-2020 08:00

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At some point you realize that it has nothing to do with that burst of bubbles you feel inside when you step into the mirror and realize, "You know what, this melanin quite poppin'."Maybe not in those words, but you get the point.

Anyway, the guys did grow up like I thought they would.

Fast forward to years later and I've traded in southern clubs for casual, quaint Brooklyn bars.

The guys are equally degreed and are now introducing themselves with professions like sales, music engineering, real estate, and I own a tech start-up.

So dear guys on dark dance floors approaching dark women with this BS: Black is beautiful. Too $hort is playing, and you're in my twerking space.

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Dating As A Dark Skinned Black Woman Is Annoying For This Reason Guys aren't always flocking to only light-skinned women in the room. For light-skinned women that understand colorism for what it is, the preferential treatment is annoying at best. Colorism has never been used to exclude us or dismiss us in the Black community.Maybe with an exoticism he can explain to his parents and friends.God forbid he be attracted to a woman with no second language, nappy hair, and dark skin who was born in North Carolina to a country family of nurses and gardeners and cooks and handymen and sharecroppers.Maybe they'd grow up and out of colorism, the way I was forced to.

I spent my early childhood years regularly getting called a "grease monkey," "Blacky," and whatever else people could say to try to change your mind about loving your dark skin. Outside of letting men know that their participation in colorism is gross and can be used against them, there was not much else I could do to combat it.