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02-May-2020 15:04

If I didn’t seek out mentors and wings who helped accelerate my growth, I wouldn’t be close to instructor level game.I have surrounded myself with a group of highly focused and dedicated men who are all dead set on crushing it with women and maximizing their potential.

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Learn to automate your online dating funnel so that you can continue to focus on your personal growth and career.

We connect with my high status friends to ingrain you with true alpha behaviors and mindsets at the core of your character.

Heighten your acuity for millionaire mindsets, habits, and beliefs – to adopt in your arsenal of action-taking.

Peter Drucker famously said “What gets Measured, Gets Managed”, and with Immersion you can finally measure your approaches unlike before.

This is your chance to be discreetly recorded in the field and have me break down the minutiae of your game.

During the 7 Day Immersion program, I will be hijacking your brain to impart those lessons and principles with you.