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C., Gravesend West Line, Gravesend West railway station, Gravesham, Gravesham (UK Parliament constituency), Gravesham Borough Council election, 1999, Gravesham Borough Council election, 2003, Gravesham Borough Council election, 2007, Gravesham Borough Council election, 2011, Gravesham Borough Council elections, Gravesham Borough F. Kent and All About Radiation · See more »All Fours, also known as High-Low-Jack or Seven Up, is an English tavern trick-taking card game that was popular as a gambling game until the end of the 19th century.

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Thomas (K488), HMS Albion (R07), HMS Allington Castle, HMS Arethusa (1849), HMS Argonaut (1898), HMS Atlas (1860), HMS Bellerophon (1786), HMS Bellerophon (1865), HMS Brilliant (1757), HMS Buzzard, HMS Cobham (M2618), HMS Endymion (1865), HMS Exmouth (F84), HMS Fantome (1901), HMS Ferret, HMS Ferret (shore establishment 1982), HMS Folkestone, HMS Gannet (stone frigate), HMS Ganymede (1809), HMS Hermes (95), HMS Hythe (J194), HMS Kent, HMS Kent (1901), HMS Kent (54), HMS Kentish, HMS Lance (G87), HMS Lee (1814), HMS Leeds Castle, HMS Lizard (1757), HMS Maidstone (1758), HMS Meleager (1785), HMS Mersham (M2709), HMS Minerva (1895), HMS Niger (J73), HMS Ocean (1805), HMS Odin (N84), HMS Orpheus (1860), HMS Pelorus (1896), HMS Pomone (1897), HMS Princess Irene, HMS Queenborough, HMS R1, HMS R2, HMS R3, HMS R4, HMS Raleigh (1873), HMS Recruit (1806), HMS Sedgemoor (1687), HMS Shannon (1803), HMS Shannon (1806), HMS Sheerness, HMS Speedy (1782), HMS Sulphur (1826), HMS Sunderland (1724), HMS Terror (1813), HMS Unicorn (1824), HMS Venetia (D53), HMS Viscount (D92), HMS Warspite (1666), Hoad's Wood, Hoaden, Hoath, Hockenden, Hodsoll Street, Holdsworth, Holland of Warwick, Hollingbourne, Hollingbourne Downs, Hollingbourne Manor, Hollingbourne railway station, Hollingbourne Rural District, Holloway Brothers (London), Holmewood House School, Holy Cross Church, Bearsted, Holy Cross R. Secondary School, Holy well, Home counties, Home Counties Brigade, Home Front (BBC radio series), Homebush Bay, Homebush West, Homebush, New South Wales, Homeopathy, Homer F. Kent and Alfred Christy · See more »Alfred George Deller, CBE ( – 16 July 1979), was an English singer and one of the main figures in popularising the return of the countertenor voice in Renaissance and Baroque music during the 20th century.

Addison, Charles Gausden, Charles George Gordon, Charles Goodchap, Charles Grimes (surveyor), Charles Hamilton (writer), Charles Hardinge, 1st Baron Hardinge of Penshurst, Charles Harenc, Charles Harington (British Army officer, born 1910), Charles Henry Crompton-Roberts, Charles Howard (cricketer, born 1823), Charles Howard, 20th Earl of Suffolk, Charles Hudson (VC), Charles Hutton, Charles I of England, Charles J. 600 – 1066), History of the horse in Britain, History of the Isle of Wight, History of the Netherlands, History of the roller coaster, History of the United Kingdom during the First World War, History of Thornton Heath, History of Wisconsin, History of wood carving, History of Worthing, Hit Me with Your Rhythm Stick, HM Prison Blantyre House, HM Prison Canterbury, HM Prison Cookham Wood, HM Prison East Sutton Park, HM Prison Elmley, HM Prison Maidstone, HM Prison Rochester, HM Prison Shepton Mallet, HM Prison Standford Hill, HM Prison Swaleside, HMAS Pioneer, HMAS Queenborough (G70), HMCS St. Kent and Alex Shaw (rugby union) · See more »Sir Alexander James Beresford Beresford Hope PC (25 January 1820 – 20 October 1887), known as Alexander Hope until 1854 (and also known as A. Kent and Alf Young (footballer, born 1900) · See more »Alfred Charles Bossom, Baron Bossom FRIBA (6 October 1881 – 4 September 1965) was an English architect active in the United States, and Conservative Party politician.

Parkin, A1 Grand Prix, A2 road (England), A20 road (England), A2020 road, A2070 road (Great Britain), A21 road (England), A228 road, A229 road, A249 road, A25 road, A250 road, A258 road, A259 road, A26 road, A264 road, A274 road, A278 road, A28 road, A299 road, Aaron Morris (comedian), Aaron Sidwell, Aaron Willard, A–Z Series, Abbevillian, Abbey, Abbey Gate, Kent, Abbots of Shrewsbury, Abigail Ozora Simpson, Abraham Hill, Academies Act 2010, Academies Enterprise Trust, Academy FM (Folkestone), Academy FM (Thanet), Acanthopholis, Accessible Boating Association, Accompanied combined transport, Acer pseudoplatanus, Acol, Kent, Acoustic mirror, Acrise, Acrise Place, Acromas Holdings, Action Transfers, AD 43, Ada Watson, Adam Birchall, Adam Chodzko, Adam Curtis, Adam Holloway, Adam Miller (footballer), Adam Powell (cricketer), Adam Sopp, Addington Long Barrow, Addington, Kent, Adeoye Yusuff, Adisham, Adlertag, Administrative counties of England, Adminius, Admiralty court, Adolphus Sparrow, Adrian Francis Laws, Adrian Gore (British Army officer), Adrian of Canterbury, Adrian Plass, Adrian Sturges, Adriana Hunter, Advanced Landing Ground, AEC K-type, Aerial Derby, Aerial ramming, Agassiz family, Agatha Christie's Marple, Age of Heroes (film), Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London, Agnes Conway, Agnes Irving, Agnes of Eltham, Agriculture in the United Kingdom, Ahrends, Burton and Koralek, Aidan Crawley, Air Ecosse, Air Ferry Limited, Air transport in the United Kingdom, Air Union, Aircraft recognition, Airhead (band), Airliner, Airports of London, Airship N. Fessenden, DGS, Diana Quick, Diana, Princess of Wales, Diane Pearson, Diane Todd, Diarmaid Mac Culloch, Dick Edmed, Dick Knowles, Dick Morrissey, Dick Pope (cinematographer), Dick Tydeman, Die Another Day, Diggerland, Digital access carrier system, Dimmock v Secretary of State for Education and Skills, Dingestow Court, Dinodocus, Diocese of Canterbury, Diocese of Rochester, Diplotaxis muralis, Direct Line, Direct Line Group, Dirty Rotten Cheater, Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells, Dispersed settlement, District Councils' Network, Ditchling Unitarian Chapel, Ditton, Kent, Divine twins, Dixon Robinson, DIY Week, Django Bates, Do It Yourself (Ian Dury & the Blockheads album), Do Not Disturb (1965 film), Docklands Light Railway, Doctor of Civil Law, Doctor Syn, Doctor Syn (film), Doctor Syn Returns, Doctor Who (series 4), Doddington Place Gardens, Doddington, Kent, Dode, Kent, Dog-tooth, Doggerland, Doll Domination Tour, Dolor Davis, Domesday Book, Dominic Chad, Dominic Chambers, Dominic Savage, Dominic Sherwood, Dommoc, Domne Eafe, Don Campbell (footballer), Don Durbridge, Don Potter, Don Rossiter, Donald Adamson, Donald Allister, Donald Coggan, Donald Hewlett, Donald Hodge (veteran), Donald John Dean, Donald Lynden-Bell, Donald Mc Gavin, Donald Rooum, Donald Sinden, Donald Sloan (rugby union), Donald Sumner, Donegana's Hotel, Donna Noble, Donoghue v Folkestone Properties Ltd, Donovan Simmonds, Doping at the 2007 Tour de France, Doreen Norton, Dorian Gray (UK singer), Doris Gertrude Sheppard, Dormansland, Surrey, Dornier Do 17, Dorothy (opera), Dorothy Richardson, Dorothy Simpson, Dorothy Spencer, Countess of Sunderland, Dorset, Dorton House, Buckinghamshire, Dot Cotton, Double-track railway, Doug Wright (cartoonist), Doug Wright (cricketer), Douglas Booth, Douglas George Ross, Douglas Mc Whirter, Douglas Walter Belcher, Dover, Dover (UK Parliament constituency), Dover Athletic F. C., Folkestone Harbour, Folkestone Harbour railway station, Folkestone Invicta F. Kent and Algernon Blackwood · See more »William Oliver Wallace (8 December 1929 – 8 March 2009), known by his stage name Ali Bongo, was a British comedy magician and president of The Magic Circle who performed an act in which he was known as the "Shriek of Araby".

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Kent and Air Ferry Limited · See more »Air transport in the United Kingdom is the commercial carriage of passengers, freight and mail by aircraft, both within the United Kingdom (UK) and between the UK and the rest of the world. Mummery, Albert Goodwin (artist), Albert Goozee, Albert Murray, Baron Murray of Gravesend, Albert Smith (South Australian politician), Albert Toft, Albertus Morton, Albury, Alcott, Aldemaro Romero Jr., Aldington Frith, Aldington, Kent, Alec Debnam, Alec Hearne, Alec Mc Cowen, Alec Pearce, Alex Brooker, Alex Comfort, Alex Crawford, Alex Lovell, Alex Pettyfer, Alex Sawyer, Alex Shaw (rugby union), Alexander Beresford Hope, Alexander Burnet, Alexander Crombie, Alexander Drummond (cricketer), Alexander Faulkner Shand, Alexander Gillon, Alexander Muirhead, Alexander Munro (sculptor), Alexander Rolls, Alexander Streatfeild-Moore, Alexander Tucker (musician), Alexander Zatonski, Alf Young (footballer, born 1900), Alfred Bossom, Alfred Bower, Alfred Catt, Alfred Christy, Alfred Deller, Alfred Dudley Ward, Alfred Elcome, Alfred Fowell Buxton, Alfred Gardyne de Chastelain, Alfred Gillow, Alfred Harmsworth, 1st Viscount Northcliffe, Alfred Hoppe, Alfred Horace Gerrard, Alfred John Kempe, Alfred Luff, Alfred Musson, Alfred Mynn, Alfred North Whitehead, Alfred Rose (bishop), Alfred Seymour (cricketer), Alfred Staines, Alfred Sturge, Alfred the Great, Alfred Yeo (British politician), Algernon Blackwood, Ali Bongo, Ali Kemal, Ali Williams, Alice Liddell, Alice Lorraine, Alison Richard, Alison Stephens, Alkham, Alkham Valley, All About Radiation, All Fours, All or Nothing (film), All Saints Church, Hollingbourne, All Saints Church, Lydd, All Saints Church, Maidstone, Kwa Zulu-Natal, All Saints Church, Staplehurst, All Saints Church, Ulcombe, All Saints Church, Waldershare, All Saints Church, West Farleigh, All Saints' Church, Boughton Aluph, All Saints' Church, Shuart, All Saints' Church, Tudeley, All the Hits Tour (Elton John), All-England Championship, Allan G. C., Dover Grammar School for Boys, Dover Grammar School for Girls, Dover Heights, New South Wales, Dover Immigration Removal Centre, Dover Lifeboat Station, Dover Museum, Dover Strait coastal guns, 1940–1944, Dover to Kingsdown Cliffs, Dover Township, Fulton County, Ohio, Dover transmitting station, Dover, Delaware, Dover, Singapore, Dovetail Games, Dowding system, Down House, Downe, Downe House School, Downe Scout Activity Centre, Downswood, Downton Abbey, Draper's Mill, Margate, Dreamland Margate, Drellingore, Drought in the United Kingdom, Druidry (modern), Dryburne Martyrs, Dryhill, Dubnovellaunus, Dubris, Dudley Digges, Dudley Fenner, Dudley Russell, Dudley Stagpoole, Duke of Dorset, Duke of Kent, Duke of Kent and Strathearn, Dulwich Prep London, Duncan Cameron (British Army officer), Duncan Down, Duncan Lamont, Duncan Roy, Dungate, Dungeness (headland), Dungeness Lighthouse, Dungeness Nuclear Power Station, Dungeness railway station, Dungeness railway station (South Eastern Railway), Dungeness, Romney Marsh and Rye Bay, Dunham (surname), Dunkirk, Dunkirk, Kent, Dunn Street, Maidstone, Dunrobin (locomotive), Dunton Green, Durovernum Cantiacorum, Dussek Campbell Ltd, Dymchurch, Dymchurch Martello Tower, Dymchurch railway station, Dymchurch Redoubt, E. Boreham, Franks Hall, Frant, Frant railway station, Franz von Werra, Fred C. Knight (cricketer), George Tolhurst, George Townsend (priest), George Truman Morrell, George W. Kent and Ali Williams · See more »Alice Pleasance Hargreaves (née Liddell; – 16 November 1934) was, in her childhood, an acquaintance and photography subject of Lewis Carroll (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson).