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30) What does Martin King Whyte mean by the claim that the rise of dating and the transformation of America into a mass consumption society has lead to the “marketplace learning viewpoint” of mate selection?31) What does Martin King Whyte mean when he claims our dating culture is based upon a marketplace psychology.4) According to Bonnie Thornton Dill, how did the system of compadrazgo, racism, segregation and proximity to Mexico affect the presence of traditional characteristics in the Chicano family?5) What according to Bonnie Thornton Dill were some of the commonalities shared by women in the three groups she studied?36) What pieces of evidence does Cherlin use to support his claim that American marriage has been deinstitutionalized?37) What term does Cherlin use to refer to the marriages in which people evaluate how satisfied they are by thinking in terms of personal development and expression of feelings?25) According to Martin King Whyte, which dating behaviors will be indicative of “youth-driven” patterns of courtship?26) According to Martin King Whyte, how did the transformation to dating as the dominant custom in which young people got to know each other affect power and control in sexual relationships.

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9) According to Bonnie Thornton Dill, while white women were buffered by male patriarchy in the context of family, African American female slaves were not.23) Round about what time did dating as a social institution emerge in America?24) What aspect of dating in American culture is critiqued by Martin King Whyte in his article?14) Compared to non Hispanic groups in the United States, Hispanics tend to have higher percentages of what family characteristics?

15) When Mexican-American families are described as having higher birth rates and marrying at younger ages than other Hispanic groups what type of familism is been stressed?

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