Microchip updating

31-Oct-2019 02:46

Microchips provide a permanent, non-removable means of pet identification that will not fade or be lost over time, as can occur with tattoos or tags.Your information can be accessed immediately, ensuring the rapid return of your lost pet, avoiding delays, which can occur with other methods of pet identification.If you have adopted a pet that is registered on our database to someone else, the contact details cannot be changed without the primary contacts permission.

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What you should do to maximise your pets reclaim potential.

There is absolutely no need to uninstall old version of MPLABX, and it is recommended that you DO NOT uninstall them (at least until after you have verified the new one works ok).

Just download the latest version from https:// and install it.

Updates are only completed during office hours (Monday to Friday am - 5pm excluding holidays) unless it is an emergency and your pet has gone missing.

If your email address has changed, please contact us to update this for you so you can continue to access your pets details online.

If you cannot find your pet’s registry by searching on petaddress please contact your vet or microchip implanter to find out which database your pet is listed in.