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23-Feb-2020 01:55

The numbers that engage in these activities rise among daters and those in exclusive relationships.

Almost six in ten men (59%) feel that their frequency of sex is not often enough, while only 35 percent of women feel the same.

About a third of singles (31%) ages 40-69 are in exclusive dating relationships and almost the same percentage (32%) are dating non-exclusively.

Those remaining are not dating, but some (13%) are interested in finding a date, others are daters-in-waiting or would be interested if the right person happens to come along (14%), while about one in ten do not want to be part of the dating game at all (9%).

Among men who date exclusively (who are also more likely to have more sex) 48 percent say they do not have enough, compared to 33 percent of women who date exclusively.

A Study of Midlife Singles, Executive Summary 3 Satisfaction with Frequency of Sex 28% 3% 34% 35% 11% 2% 28% 59% 21% 2% 32% 45% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Not Answered It's more often than I'd like It's just right for me It's not often enough Total Men Women Q29: How do you feel about how often you have sexual intercourse?

Yet large proportions, especially of older women, take a pass on dating and sex.Making love and romantic evenings are more common among men.The results also show many stressed individuals, regardless of whether they are active or inactive.(Base=3501, total respondents) There is a vast chasm between men and women in their dating attitudes and sexual desire.

For example only two percent of women say that sex is acceptable during the first date, while ten times as many men, 20 percent, think it is acceptable.

These include AARP The Magazine, published bimonthly; AARP Bulletin, our monthly newspaper; Segunda Juventud, our quarterly newspaper in Spanish; NRTA Live and Learn, our quarterly newsletter for 50 educators; and our Web site, org. Acknowledgements We would like to thank staff at Knowledge Networks, especially Kathy Dykeman, for their work in conducting this survey. From AARP The Magazine, the sponsor of the survey, we want to thank Hugh Delehanty, Steven Slon, Ron Geraci and Karen Reyes for their sponsorship and creative insights. This image has been changing as boomers liberalize sexual attitudes, so that by their own choice, more people may never marry.

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