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That says to me they're driven by results this year.Even the drive to Ellis Park on the bus is daunting, where often supporters push the bus, and certainly make it very clear you're in enemy territory.

It was the scene of a tragedy in 1920, when British forces opened fire on players and spectators during a Gaelic football match, killing 14 people including Tipperary player Michael Hogan.Everyone with a passing interest in football knows that South America is one of the game's most special arenas.A cursory look around the best players in the world—the likes of Lionel Messi, Sergio Aguero, Neymar, Luis Suarez and Radamel Falcao—is enough to demonstrate that the continent lives to produce world-class talent capable of reaching the highest peaks in the game. South American supports have long had a reputation for passion and fanaticism, expressed through ingenious chants, musical accompaniment in the stands and constant movement among the thousands that pack the terraces.The Ellis Park factor could be huge in the competition finale.

It's interesting they've taken the fixture from Soweto, which generates more revenue, to a smaller stadium where they've had success against the All Blacks.On the field it's an atmosphere like no other - hostile and very passionate.