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11-Apr-2020 00:41

Anyone claiming to have patients with two or more personalities had a difficult task convincing those in academia that such was possible.This conflict of views between those therapists dealing daily with dissociated patients (some exhibiting dozens of alter-personalities, or "alters") and academic teachers who spent more of their days teaching and doing research than actually treating severely ill patients, came to a boil with the need to revise DSM III.When I diagnosed my first case of MPD in 1972 (Janette in "Minds In Many Pieces"), I had had no professional training on the subject.I went to the Stanford Medical Library to look up articles on the subject since no computerized databases existed then.The book called "Index Medicus" was the only place one could start searching for published articles.There I found the listing of "Dual Personality." In the 1970s, when I started meeting with other therapists of "multiples" (the term we all came to use for patients with MPD), we informally agreed to call the disorder "Multiple Personality Disorder" or MPD for short.DSM I (Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Version I) was created after WWI to provide a framework for labeling post-war psychiatric causalities.DSM II was written after WWII for the same purpose.

The treaters on the committee did not know how to explain that, in practice if not in theory, their patients acted as if they had other personalities.A committee of experts was appointed to decide what disorders should be listed in DSM IV.

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