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Christian coerces Elizabeth to confess of setting up the game in order to expose the others’ moral weaknesses and exploited their secrets as leverage for blackmail.Christian then reveals to Elizabeth that he is the killer and reasons that his motive was to protect Elizabeth because the group had become aware of her deception and they were going to take advantage of the dinner gathering to get revenge against Elizabeth.She then reveals that she is Christian’s sister from his father’s affair; Christian accepts Elizabeth as his sister and devises a plan to kill everyone in the house to protect their newfound secret.He then proceeds to shoot Benjamin and Adam, bludgeon Piper with his shotgun, and stabs Kate with a pool cue.

Reviewer Eric Snider also criticizes the screenwriting, singling out the dialogue for special criticism as awkward and unbelievable, and suggests that Taboo it intended to be a bad movie, it would be a success.

After months of wondering whether or not the character would ever get the chance to live out his same-sex desires, fans were disappointed when the big moment finally arrived in such a horrific way.

“When we said we hoped Nate got a storyline this season this isn’t what we meant, but it’s a start,” wrote one Twitter user.

Six friends, Christian, Elizabeth, Piper, Kate, Adam, and Benjamin, play a game which consists of “yes” and “no” questions that are to be answered anonymously.

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Once the cards are shuffled, the questions are read aloud and answered by another participant of the game.Piper, in her drunken state, brings up Christian's father’s past affair with a prostitute.

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