Old aim chat

15-Nov-2019 18:20

Those magical experiences of just chatting with whoever’s online seem to have been lost.(What’s funny is that companies often design their office spaces to facilitate those chance encounters in the cafeteria or lobby or bathroom. ’ interactions can inspire creativity and catalyze partnerships, being hugely beneficial for company productivity and growth.)Messaging has evolved into many, many more forms, and AIM still happens to be around, along with its descendants Google Chat and Facebook Chat.

So maybe we (or, I) just got old and life happened.

Arguably the first widely adopted consumer messaging platform, AIM enabled on-demand social interaction for the millions of people coming online in the 90's.

It started as a chat feature for AOL users and then as the web opened up AIM became available for anyone with an internet connection.

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And so, spur-of-the-moment communication has become mostly asynchronous — you just blast it out to the person(s) you’re trying to reach and wait for them to reply back at their convenience (if at all).

When you were on AIM, you didn’t just put up an away message or sign off without saying ‘ttyl’.

You always started fresh when you signed on and instant messaged your buddy. In fact, your message wouldn’t be delivered to people who weren’t online at the same time!

Here is essentially where basic communication began — from face-to-face conversations to phone calls to online chat to video chats using Skype, Hangouts and Face Time.

And this quadrant is where we find AIM conversations.

The barrier to starting an AIM conversation always seemed lower than calling someone.

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