Playfire trophy card not updating

04-Feb-2020 20:29

playfire trophy card not updating-36

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BYE BYE to Trash Panic, Zen Pinball and Pixeljunk Eden Pretty awesome if you want to hide 0% titles. I dont like this, cheaters hide cheats and everyone else make their profiles pro completion and ruin trophy rarities psnprofiles just gave hackers option to unflag themself by hiding the obvious ones So can you hide PS3 and Vita games, or just Vita games for now? However, MS knows if someone hacked the game with a suspicious time stamp, or if he/she was using a game save file that unlocked the whole set of achievements in 30 seconds.

you have to give credit to sony for not leaving ps3 gamers behind, it's a great feature overall.That's if you had an existing account on their site, which isn't the same as entering your PSN login info.It's the same thing that the US site did so that you could merge your existing account with your PSN account, but if you didn't have an account for the site before, there's nothing to merge with your PSN account. You all are having problems because Play Fire is getting this information without Sony's conscent.The site will send you a message on PSN and send you an email when your card is ready.

I can sign in to eu.but when I try to transfer my account info its saying my email address and password are incorrect which is bull.I do agree that eventually the feature will come over to the ps3. Also, if it doesn't change totals or percentages, then why even implement this? Also, if it doesn't change totals or percentages, then why even implement this?

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