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They first flew parallel and facing each other in a group of five.

Then they formed a classic fighter jet formation in the shape of a pointing arrow.

” South Africa Flood Death Toll Rises As Government Declares 33 Disaster Zones.

Every day, Africa is ravished by AIDS, War Crimes, Famine, and Lack of an Education, leaving more families and their children afraid of what tomorrow may bring.

It was separated by the Berlin wall from 1961-1989.

Check out some of the best known sights in Hamburg, Munich and beautiful Bavaria on some of the webcams.

See the Ratscellar, the Old Rathaus and the gold statue of the Virgin Mary topping the Mariensaule column which was erected in 1571.

This couple traded the comforts of a traditional home, for a life on the road in their custom-built van!

This cave is home to 150,000 wheels of cheese In 1953, a 22-million-year-old sandstone cave in Switzerland was discovered to provide a unique, natural, cheese-aging environment.

Germany is a great place to visit for the Beer Festivals at Oktoberfest, the summer Weinfest and the Christmas markets.

The history, culture, food and architecture are hard to beat. ) live webcam showing the famous Reeperbahn in Hamburg.

The cave now houses more than 150,000 wheels of cheese.

Artist shows how to custom paint cartoons on shoes This man painted cartoon characters on a pair of shoes. Then, he demonstrated the process to draw the cartoon characters on the shoes by yourself.He couldn't resist moving in and out and over the coral head, watching their dazzling performance.