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Coordination has been completed and the records have been returned to this office for our review and direct response to you. During the conversation and a sub seque nt con versa tion on 26 August 19j,3j_during whi ch S/A (_ _Jj it was indicated to } that(" )and£_ p through their personal efforts, started an information gathering net which includes informants in sixty! Prflmyslovy sb Sr Srotu v zafi byl t£ze spln&ina 115,9 procenta. bodu jednaciho pofadu „Rozvoj odboroveho hnuti v kolonialnich a polokolonialnich zemich". i- & y, il h o T- U 6- \o I- i- ri » omezeni a Mry vl Wu Wavnich k*. We have completed a mandatory declassification review in accordance with Executive Order (EO) 12958. major cities in Eastern Germany, Poland and the CSR; that neither are connected with any intelligence agency; that the net has not b«en offered to any other intelligence agency; that no attempt had been made to sell the net to a German agency ,f_ )ior other, because of_the 6ecuri±y_xisk involved because of left wing I elements in the organizations . Ze Sei dev St pfekroeilo prum Sr dodivelt : mdsicu leto Sniho roku. Zkuienoatl nam okazujf, it kazdy energicky luji Clnnoat 8v6tove odborovg federace, Jejim^ ci. zemi po druhe avltove valea vede projev mezlnarodnl solidarity mel za naaledek lem 3« pomoc odborovym svazflm v kolonlalnlch Jc zoatrenl boje mezi rt SBfmi tape- flatup reakce. -Information has been withheld in its entirety in accordance with the following exempt ion (s ) : It is not reasonable to segregate meaningful portions of the record for release. One of the runways extends from North to East and is crossed by the other two in the direction North/East - South/West and North/West - South/East. Source works' as a "bricklayer in the munition hunkers. zemkovou ' reformu, pomihat rolnictvu se orga- nlsovat a vsestrann S vysv Stlorat vyznam vzajem- n* podporj' dglnlctva a rolnictva. Odbory musi hrdt aktivni roli v boji za hos- podaf skou nezdvisloat, proti panstvi monopolfl ; podporovat rozvoj mezinarodnfho obchodu, nd- rodnlho prfimyslu a mezlnirodni hospoddfske spolupriire na zasadg rovn# a rovnym. Information pertains solely to another individual with no reference to you and/or the subject of your request. Buildings and hangars are located at the open ends of the runways at the crossing point. In ^ addition( information received during) conversations with othercf workmen and soviet guards. Source will continue to work on military projects as a laho Wi*^ He will soon work at Of ANTOW, ANGEHMUEBDE.' 7. • Between MELCHOW-BIESBlv TML-SYDOVGEUEIJTHAL in the woods on the rigp[ side of the railroad "betv/een BERI7AU and EB EES w AIDE, there Agein alffcg area of 4 square kilometers, aunitions hunkers ("built out of concr'd for a MB—d i iimw Hb aerial grenades, aircraft homhs and light and' Ke.a^- ammunition for grenade launchers. Odbory musi organisovat giroke" maay dglnic- tva a sjednotit je ve velikem vlastenec Wm hnuti, aby tak mohly uplatnit svou vedouci nlohuvjed- notn* nirodni fronts, sdruzujicl rfizn^ vrstvy obyvatelstva.

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Freedoa of Information Act/Privacy Act Deleted Page(s) Information Sheet Indicated below are one or more statements which provide a brief rationale for the deletion of this page. The airport was constructed after the uniform pattern for German air fields by the German Air Force with three runways of 1,500 meter length. Tak zvane vydaje na „obranu" • ' • -»«"■ ig* di JU JWW v kolonlalnlch a polokolonialnich zemich. So hole ▼Wj»d}aaa«tra zdftraza^gte jadnota dslnlctva a Ceny nejdflle Si Ujiii fmm, gtaetva Ji nejytlai ntratoi oavobownec- tfeby se rychle v oe: ;; W§f W-M^^U^W^»¥m^S^i9^ • , -^ft v *• ' '" v Braziiii atouply zivl ' odborovfai hmasm, v^tekmiab^ a note, ee na S 700 pftsdmetfi hromadnt spo- itinsk6 Americe zvy Suji. Odbory musi podporovat boj rolnictva za lep§i iivotni podmlnky, za po.

MEADE, MARYLAND 20755-599S DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY April 12, 2002 Freedom of Information/ Privacy Office Mr. C ) ( / )jis well known in ERFURT and could not go there, because of his knowledge of ERFURT, was able to well control the information he received. ftjna (Price), v Koncem fijna vyzval pfedseda : vaci komise ministerstva ieleznic v Sechna hospodafska miniate rati o nejlep S apln Snl planu dddavek 1 v zafi. Zavod v behu na 3000 m vytiral Takac vied Kollerem (oba HDA) ,2 min plinacb atlefl tf DA nestartoya B. i y pozdnfia obdobi si udr Saji za- eelorocal prtce dobrou • forma. Di J/ittorio se pak podrobne zabyval bojovymi zkusenost- mi italakyeh pracujicich za demokraticka prava, za uakutec- neni.evych pozadavkfi.