Scary intimidating music

27-Jun-2020 21:27

There’s no mention of long, dirty nails, rotten teeth or dirty/outwashed robes, either.Young Voldemort was said to take care of his health and appearance.Mostly because I don't know anyone who can whistle a deep enough tone.Yeah, I either widely loop around huge dogs or straight up cross the street, especially if it looks like the owner can't/couldn't control a beast that size. As for speeding up or crossing the street when you're behind them at night, yes, we usually do that to everyone (at least I do). I can remember that I was around 11 or 12 when adult women's attitudes towards me changed; they stopped smiling when we made eye contact, they stopped talking to me as much, they would often cross the street to avoid me.2018-09-13 What is the sweetest apology you have received from a SO?2018-09-21 If a girl had to take you out for a date, what are some fun things you would like to do for a change?I don’t see why that would change only because his face got deformed and his eyes turned red. They’re, perhaps, the most obvious difference between the book and movie version.Book Voldemort have glowing, red eyes with vertical pupils, like a cat’s.

2018-09-28 What do i absolutely not do in a environment with a lot of men as a woman?2018-06-06 What is a female stereotype you think is true for most women?

There is no rule about men having to ask women out, they do it just as much.… continue reading »

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