Scorpio man dating capricorn woman

17-May-2020 21:29

This is where she gets to see deeper beneath the surface of this water sun sign, and she realizes just how many layers her lover has.

The Capricorn woman wants to explore every level, and he lets her in to a certain degree.

Here, they will have to find some kind of balance between her controlling nature and his dominant personality.

He admires how down to earth and reasonable she is, but he will always remain a mystery to her.

That’s when he will bring out his stinger and lash out at her.

This will be a surprise to her at first, but the calm and patient Capricorn zodiac personality allows her to stay and argue her point.

She is charming and will work hard towards the things that excite her.

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She loves showering admiration down on her lover because she has a possessive side.

Neither Capricorn women nor Scorpio men like to be restrained, for they have places to go and things to do.