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The Saudis and their fellow fanatics in the oil-rich Gulf states have used those riches to drag Muslims backward into the past and to spread violent jihad.

Everywhere, their hirelings preach a stern and joyless world, along with the duty to carry out jihad (contrary to apologists’ nonsense, jihad’s primary meaning is not “an inner struggle,” but expanding the reach of Islam by fire and sword).

The Wahabis initially form secretive organizations to lure unsuspecting individuals into their fold, of particular interest are the uneducated, the vulnerable, the poor, women and children.

If an illiterate Messenger (Q7.157-158, Q62:2-3) could understand Allah's word, surel Nowhere does Allah say that his words must be read with the help of its interpretations and commentaries.

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Therefore the apologists ' favorite statements about subject being taken 'out of context' morphs into a blatant lie here.

Quraanic interpretations and tafsirs have been invented by some wishful educated Mullahs only to hide its absurdities and contradictions.