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21-Jul-2020 11:43

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They in turn can then continue to spread the word by being role models.Join us in the beautiful town of Port Alberni, BC for an overnight retreat with amazing Sangat and wonderful speakers! He will be speaking about "The Word of the Guru." Oh, and did we mention there will be pizza...?In fact all of the Gurus, who came of age, were married and had children.

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The West and its ways, however, are foreign to those who are newcomers - just as newcomers are 'foreigners' in their new environments. An interviewee of the article, Balbir Singh, claimed that he cuts his hair because he feels out of touch with the fashions of the Western world. There is an imperative problem in the Sikh community today that is rarely spoken about.Many male youth have been modifying their beards, cutting their hair and/or not wearing turbans.