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08-Oct-2020 07:01

But being alone for the rest of her life is not part of the plan. Fox Valley Singles epitomizes the new landscape of dating, courtship and just plain socializing in the digital age.“I like to think there is someone special out there for me,” says Bertha, who has three children. It’s easy to find fellow singles in 2018 thanks to digital innovations such as meetup.com, an assortment of hundreds of social groups, many dedicated to a narrow interest such as photography, architecture or dancing.But the age-old dramas of heartache and fulfillment, romance and revulsion, and Prince Charmings and not-who-he-said-he-was still play out. Further north, the Barrington Singles Group enjoys wine tastings, paint ball and ziplining.

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The Single Purpose ministry at the church provides a low-key opportunity for mixing with the opposite sex.

One theory holds that the fascination or fixation with the digital world is an impediment to building relationships.