Spice of life dating

10-Feb-2020 10:13

Mijn Ideale Persoon: We are looking for real people ready to have real fun.

We are not hung up on looks or age, but we do prefer a more active body type. We prefer to be attracted to people rather than pursued like prey (that can have it's place, just not right from the start please).

Boomers who were part of that whole sexual revolution have expectations about their bodies and sexual expression that previous generations never had.

We all are looking younger, feeling younger, and acting younger. So give up what you think you know, and open yourself up to having some playful fun again.

We both chat and email here (and we prefer couples who do the same). But this does not mean that either of us will welcome suggestions to play separately (in fact, that will end the conversation).

This should be obvious, but evidently it isn't to many men.

Spice of Life offers members thousands of online personals ads that enables you to find out about other singles through our online matchmaker database before you contact them.

We let you have ultimate control when you're looking for your perfect match.

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Meet up with compatible singles online, chat, email and click with other online singles today.Whether you're looking for love, friendship, romance or marriage Spice of Life will help you spice up your love life.