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Vincent are teaming up for another round of comedy—again, at the expense of the music industry.The project, which doesn’t have a title yet, will be centered around Brownstein and Clark playing “heightened versions of themselves” while dealing with all of the moving pieces of being a musician in 2019, as Collider notes. Other than that, there isn’t much information right now.They recorded their first self-titled album in early 1994 during a trip to Australia, where the couple were celebrating Tucker's graduation from Evergreen (Brownstein still had three years of college left). They recorded and toured with different drummers, until Janet Weiss joined the band in 1996.Following their eponymous debut, they released six more studio albums before going on indefinite hiatus in 2006.Carrie Brownstein does not have a personal trainer.

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After the article was out, she said: "I hadn't seen the article, and I got a phone call. my dad did not know that Corin and I had ever dated, or that I even dated girls." In 2006, The New York Times described Brownstein as "openly gay".

In March 2009, Brownstein was contracted to write a book to "describe the dramatically changing dynamic between music fan and performer, from the birth of the i Pod and the death of the record store to the emergence of the 'you be the star' culture of American Idol and the ensuing dilution of rock mystique"; in the short film Fan Mail, the experimental feature Group, and the Miranda July film Getting Stronger Every Day.

Brownstein and Fred Armisen published several video skits as part of a comedy duo called "Thunder Ant". Brownstein was outed as bisexual to her family and the world by Spin when she was 21 years old.

At the same time the announcement was made, they released the video for the first single from the album.

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The single, "Bury Our Friends", was also made available as a free MP3 download. In summer 2009, Brownstein and Weiss worked together on songs (produced by Tucker Martine) for the soundtrack of the documentary film ! In September 2010, Brownstein revealed her latest project was the band Wild Flag, with Janet Weiss, Mary Timony, and Rebecca Cole, formerly of The Minders; according to Brownstein, about a year earlier "I started to need music again, and so I called on my friends and we joined as a band.In 1997, Brownstein graduated from Evergreen with an emphasis on sociolinguistics, While attending Evergreen, Brownstein met fellow students Corin Tucker, Kathleen Hanna, Tobi Vail, and Becca Albee.