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20-Jul-2020 13:42

It would be foolish to waste money on these illegal systems when they will at some point (probably soon) stop working.I've heard that the reason sky are upgrading everyone to HD for free is to combat this issue as the older sky boxes that do standard definition TV are not capable of using the newer card techniques Sky want to introduce.Cheers, Spacerat Hi, I've read through the various threads and searched, and can't find a solution to the problem I'm having - I've got a Starview 4 USB clone which has been running fine on v1.07 of the firmware, but I have started having the same problem with missing channels as posted in various other threads.Cheers, Spacerat Thanks Boomer39, The download page (Digital Kaos - Downloads - The Box Super USB V1.12) appears to be fairly clear that the v1.12 isn't clone friendly, but if anyone has any additional information it would be great.

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j Vi is a vi/vim editor clone; j Vi's core is a port to Java of major chunks of vim "C" code.

and then gone to a $ channel - sits there with updating message on screen for an age.

If I move to Movies Sci-Fi it does the update and then gives me that channel - it will also give me a selection of other channels (apparently random).

Cheers, Spacerat Yes your issue for the moment is firmware related and V1.12 is the only way of fixing it for now, (soon V1.12 will be useless also).

But as boomer and you have now said V1.12 will kill a clone box. Thanks to all, 95% sure it's a clone - the Max232 kit that I bought had to be modified using a stanley knife.

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