Teen dating violence speeches

15-Sep-2020 18:30

Parents have a big influence on teenagers because their children look up to them and 90% of them grow up to act and do things just like their parents did with them.Teenagers who have parents that are in jail, or do drugs do not always have a good education or a household.They should also volunteer for jobs like being as firefighter, highway trash collector, nurse that goes around and helps the elderly.

Research says, “Additionally, it is shown in research that a parent’s failures are also “associated with a number of other disadvantageous outcomes for having a higher risk of unemployment, smoking, psychological distressed in early adulthood” (Ernisch).

The relationships affect them so much that most teenagers change their ideas about how they should live their lives in a different way and to change their future goals.

They should be influenced to help themselves or to help others.

Some go out to drink, smoke, or to do drugs just to have fun but some think of driving home and most teenagers do not even make it to their driveways.

Some teenagers who are so depressed about their social problems even think about committing suicide.Friends have a big influence on teenagers because they can say and do many of things to teenagers who think they were friends.