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“From what I understand, a lot of people knew about him being gay long before he came out in the news and the commander kind of ignored rumors he might have heard and didn’t following through in processing.

When someone comes out very publicly as Zoe and Keith did, I think it’s kind of hard for them to ig¬ nore it. It was also made very clear in the recommendation for separa¬ tion that the only evidence of her homosexuality was the one public statement that she made.” Dunning, who received her Masters in Business Adminis¬ tration from Stanford Univer¬ sity last weekend, was accom¬ panied by her sister, Captain Amy Dunning, U. Marine Corps Reserve, who has sup¬ ported her through this pro¬ cess.

We were fairly optimistic after we closed our case from the fact that the board had spent so long delib¬ erating that we might win this, but we all knew going in that our chances were very slim. {Photo: Judi Parks) Budget Battle Begets City Hall Brouhaha by Dennis Conkin San Francisco AIDS and healthcare activists who took over Mayor Jordan’s office of¬ fice on Tuesday, June 15, in a morning protest over pro¬ posed health service budget cuts were arrested and charged with disturbing the peace and malicious mischief.

We knew that the forum in which we would really get a fair hearing would be the Federal Court and we will be in Federal Court on July 16th if Clinton doesn’t lift the ban.” T Lieutenant Zoe Dunning of the U. Naval Reserve (left) and Captain Amy Dunning of the U. The activists were cited and released after they were booked at the Hall of Justice.

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I, too, (Continued on page 32) Bruce Lee Case Finally Resolved by Dennis Conkin HIV-positive tattoo artist Wayne Bruce Lee pleaded guilty to charges of misde¬ meanor battery and was sen¬ tenced to six months in Coun¬ ty Jail with no probation on June 15 in San Francisco Mu¬ nicipal Court.

When I came out it was under the assumption that he would fulfill his promise.