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03-May-2020 12:36

The cabinet minister in charge of planning for a possible crash-out on October 31... In Truro a more moderate crowd opted for a reworked version of the Gene Kelly classic: “We’re singing to remain.” Meanwhile, outside Balliol College, Oxford, Boris Johnson’s alma mater, a...Starting salaries for teachers are to rise by more than £6,000 under government proposals to reform pay.The Greek government will appeal to Boris Johnson’s love of the ancient world to approve a loan of the Elgin Marbles to Athens in a temporary swap with other treasures.The offer is part of preparations for Greece’s 2021 bicentenary of...

Where to get treatment for the food poisoning you got at that restaurant where you ate on vacation.Boris Johnson intervened to double an increase to defence spending next year in a move that raises fresh questions about Sajid Javid’s independence.