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13-Dec-2019 04:04

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I met one girl who had just divorced a 0 millionaire 20 years older. We got some investors excited and got enough interest to raise up to 0,000 or more. And Jeff Pulver wanted me to speak at a conference about love and twitter. That’s like panties with shit on it having something to do with nudity. A few months earlier I had to be escorted to a motel by police.

There was this gourmet hot dog place down the street, now shut down by the Department of health. The rest of the day I’d read or look out the window. I went out with the former Serbian Olympic Swimming Champion. I went out with another woman who was a judge on some TV animal show. I tried e-Harmony but I was subhuman for the e-Harmony folks. On e-Harmony they make you feel out this questionnaire for what seems like five hours but in reality was probably more like four and a half.

I’m always in favor of giving up equity but this time I gave up too much to too many people for too little. Built the site for k with no help from anyone except India. The world was post-apocalytpic and we were now living in the radioactive fallout.

Else you become a slave, just as bad as the slaves in the pencil factory. Before the business had even started I personally had less than 10% of the company. Post me spending the night at a motel in the middle of nowhere at the insistence of the police.

Not worth it to then devote years of my life to this idea.

I emailed everyone else: “don’t wire.” The whole thing is off.

Most of these signups were just friends but the point is: you can see their names.

When you guys start your Skype conversation, there has to be some kind of build up.… continue reading »

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Not like some other chat sites, We allow you to have your own nick name other than auto generated name with prefix the word "guest".… continue reading »

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Before you make acquaintance with a girl, think about how you perceive yourself as a man. It is better to approach a girl by chance, at such a moment when she is disposed to communicate. In order to get acquainted with a hot girl in class, you should take the first step. If you are conservative for such a turn of events, then at least try to talk to her. Smile to a stranger you like, look at her with a long, curious look, and then quickly look in the other direction. It all depends on your first conversation, on how you impress her. When a guy meets a girl that he likes, naturally, he wants to impress her and arouse her interest in him. Your clothes can be modest, inexpensive, but you should definitely be clean, your shoes must be without dirt or dust. It is completely unacceptable that you have unevenly cut, dirty nails! Without adhering to these simple but very important rules, there is nothing to think about that a girl will treat you favorably. … continue reading »

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