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02-Oct-2019 11:44

It is ok you use the same username on all Hard Candy sites (i.e.Loli Fan777 on all Hard Candy), but don't use the same username on hard candy sites as you do on the clearnet.In its early years, the site was known as an unmoderated free-for-all site populated by anonymous posters, where shocking and offensive humor reigned. Moments before the El Paso shooting on Saturday, a four-page message whose author identified himself as the suspected shooter appeared on 8chan’s politics board, known as /pol/.Now, 8chan is known as something else: a megaphone for mass shooters, and a recruiting platform for violent white nationalists. Brennan, who stopped working with the site’s current owner last year, is calling for it to be taken offline before it leads to further violence. The person who posted the message encouraged his 8chan “brothers” to spread its contents far and wide.After the El Paso shooting, he seemed resigned to the fact that it had. On Sunday, a banner at the top of 8chan’s home page read, “Welcome to 8chan, the Darkest Reaches of the Internet.” “I’ve tried to understand so many times why he keeps it going, and I just don’t get it,” Mr. “After Christchurch, after the Tree of Life shooting, and now after this shooting, they think this is all really funny.” Mr. Watkins did not respond to multiple requests for comment. Brennan defended the right of 8chan users to post anonymously, without censorship. Brennan said that other websites, like Facebook and Twitter, also play a role in spreading the kinds of violent messages that often originate on 8chan.

She was also the first chan to post on her own board, and is thus partly responsible for making chanchan what it is today.

When she returned, she revealed that there were infact two surprises.

The first was pictures in which she lead everyone to believe her breasts had grown immensly, after which she revealed that she'd simply stuffed a bra.

Users on 8chan frequently lionize mass shooters using jokey internet vernacular, referring to their body counts as “high scores” and creating memes praising the killers. Brennan, who has a condition known as brittle-bone disease and uses a wheelchair, has tried to distance himself from 8chan and its current owners.

In a March interview with The Wall Street Journal, he expressed his regrets over his role in the site’s creation, and warned that the violent culture that had taken root on 8chan’s boards could lead to more mass shootings. “Am I ever going to be able to move on with my life? Watkins, who runs 8chan along with his son, Ronald, has remained defiant in the face of criticism, and has resisted calls to moderate or shut down the site.

At least, that's what a picture posted by Loli-chan on 4chan after the images were posted is telling us.

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