Updating fetch in plsql

16-Jan-2020 04:55

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One advantage of using this cursor is that even if there is no data found, it won’t show up any error.And, oracle gives cursor attributes in order to handle it.And, fetch the I_dept_id and I_dept_name into the syntax of PL/SQL, which is different from the sql statement.Here, it needs the number and type of variables to be declared to fetch the select column in the sql query.PLSQL Cursor is a name given to an area and can handle the memory used by oracle for processing the SQL statements.For instance, it is used to fetch a bunch of rows from the order table or update the year & revenue, and expense information in the DWS accounting tables.For instance, I_dept_id is used to fetch the dept_id and I_dept_name is used to fetch the dept_name from the select statements.

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When the cursors are opened, then the parameterized cursors are known as static cursors.And, then declare a cursor cur_get_department to select the dept_name and dept_id from the department where dept_id is equal to 1.