Updating kitchen doors

20-Aug-2020 12:44

I found I had a lot less dripping this way, even if it meant I went back to the paint can more often.You can see that I didn’t even need to tape off the inside of the cabinets using this brush!Half the can was gone and I hadn’t even started on the doors!Zinsser B-I-N primer, which is shellac based, stopped tannin bleed amazingly well.You can see the obvious difference in texture here.You may want to caulk between the wooden grab bar and the melamine door for a more seamless finish.The fridge moved to where an exterior door once was and I installed a used kitchen cabinet in its place for pull-out trash cans.

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Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations is the perfect paint for melamine cabinets, and the kit comes with everything you need but the brushes. These tips are specifically made for those of us suffering with these ugly melamine cabinets with oak trim. To make it easier, I’ve created a checklist with all my tips on how to paint these 80s kitchen cabinets.Then go back to the hook area, and run the artist brush over the pooled paint. Second, the pooled paint is more tacky than fresh paint, which makes it easier to stick to the top of the hook.