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01-Jan-2020 14:00

Having issues with ADMX/ADML files like this going forward however, might be a much more common issues as Microsoft have recently release a support article https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4015786/known-issues-managing-a-windows-10-group-policy-client-in-windows-serv basically explaining that going forward they may rename and remove older legacy policy setting from ADMX files. Previously you could just extract the current ADMX/ADML policy files and put them over top of your existing Central Store.Setting that were no longer supported in the new OS were still listed and only a hand full of policy settings names ever changed.

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You can load these templates with the Group Policy Object editor.

However now Microsoft will be renaming and remove some policy settings from the ADMX/ADML files going forward.

So it is now important that you make sure that you test the new ADML/ADMX files before just copying them into the central store.

Also continuing to use the old Language Pack files will not hurt, it just you will be missing the language text for all the new policy setting in Windows .

Alternately, if you also have an install of Windows 10 Pro/Ent 1703 installed with the language pack that you need you can also copy the files directly from C:\Windows\Policy Defenitions.

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