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Type 1 decks have been known to come with a single blank card with a Bee brand Allover back design, (#32). You can also date this Type of deck by the USPC code found on the Ace of Spades.

The purpose of providing this single card was that it was to be used as a cut card. The ZIP Code appears on the tuck box during this printing.

Take a moment to identify your deck of Golden Nugget Playing Cards by using the information listed below.

Each of the nine Types of GNuggs have different characteristics, thus making it easy to recognize which one you own.

An application number is a unique number assigned to the patent application when it is filed and includes a two digit series code and a six digit serial number.

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It should say Atlantic City on the top & bottom of the box.

Co-inventor - A person who appears on the same patent or patent application as another inventor.

Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) - A hierarchical patent classification scheme developed through a joint partnership between the USPTO and the European Patent Office (EPO) to harmonize and replace each office’s individual classification system, the US Patent Classification (USPC) and the European Classification (ECLA).

It appears in bold on the face of a published patent at grant.

Cited patent - A patent is cited when it appears as a reference in another patent or patent application.The purpose of providing this single card was that it was to be used as a cut card. Type 2 is exactly the same as Type 1, except Type 2s were manufactured after the U. Department of Revenue stopped taxing playing cards (1965).

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