Validating button click vb 2016

16-Oct-2020 17:06

If the user does not enter anything, a prompt will inform the user to type something in the textbox. Exit Sub End If 'Everything below is to add comments automatically to each cell when a value is changed.

If your page validation is not calling even after clicking yes in the confirm you have an error condition. If there's an error condition, its not being thrown.

'); else return false;" so this way it will do client side validation first and if page is valid then we can ask for confirmation to perform task.

this link However, if all it is doing is calculating something based on user input then you shouldn't have it posting back at all.

But my problem is, it firing all the times when even I clcik a button event where ever it may be. Can I have control over the system generated message?

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Thanks in advance I guess this is what you are looking for, at least this was the answer I was looking for =) On Client Click="if (Page_Client Validate()) return confirm('Are you sure?

Enabled = False End If Unload Me End Sub Your code doesn't account for the user accidentally clicking the Other option button.

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