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While it may seem easy that users who follow you on Facebook or Instagram will eventually land on your site, there has to be a quicker way to get them there …I have a memes website and I want to drive traffic from social media.If you company is not on social media, I hate to break it to you, but you are behind.Marketing is all about chasing the consumer’s attention, and with 3.4 billion social media users around the world, it’s not hard to tell where to focus is.If I try to close the form without putting a number in, it calls the validate event and pops up my Msg Box. This handles it, but I forgot if it was e.cancel= true or e.cancel=false take a look what it is in your situation. This handles it, but I forgot if it was e.cancel= true or e.cancel=falsetake a look what it is in your situation. Cor Cor, The problem is that I also have a closing event.If I am validating data in a textbox for numeric values, using Is Numeric, and the text box is empty and I click my exit button, it is calling that Text Box validating event.I placed Jeffreys name in the subject, maybe he sees it and has it still sohe can repost it. NET textbox, which event handler is better to use: Validating or Leave?

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Event Args e) public bool Valid Email Address(string email Address, out string error Message) Private Function Valid Email Address(By Val email Address As String, By Ref error Message As String) As Boolean ' Confirm there is text in the control. After that in a good discussion wherein I was involved a Billy, Jeffreychanged his sollution to the right one.