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24-Nov-2019 01:16

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This information tells your client application that the user is authenticated, and can also give you information like their username or locale.You can pass an ID Token around different components of your client, and these components can use the ID Token to confirm that the user is authenticated and also to retrieve information about them.Identity Validation means ensuring that identity data represents real data, for example ensuring that a Social Security Number has been issued by the Social Security Administration is not associated with a deceased individual.Identity Verification means ensuring that identity data is associated with a particular individual, for example matching date of birth and address to an individual’s name.

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With OAuth 2.0, a user can authenticate with an authorization server and get you an access token that authorizes access to some server resources.

The terms related to vetting identities are often used incorrectly, and can result in significant confusion around the different processes associated with making sure an identity is real.

“Identity Verification”, “Identity Validation” and “Identity Authentication” are often used interchangeably, but actually have subtle differences in meaning.

Instead, people will be able to verify their identity entirely digitally.

How the document checking service will work The user will enter their details from their documents in the identity provider’s service.

This might include providing details of official documents like a passport or driving licence.