Vanessa williams is dating

21-Feb-2020 16:10

I believe what you expect from marriage starts with how you’re raised—it’s the template for how you behave, what your comfort level is, and what you’re willing to tolerate.My parents got married in 1960, but they had a very modern approach to their relationship.I’ve been a mother so long that it’s hard to remember what my life was like before then, but parenthood has never felt like a burden: It strengthened my outlook on life and made me more ambitious in my career.I was always working my professional life and my life as a wife and mother simultaneously.That means you have to be independent and make decisions.The kids' schedules came first and my career came second, even though I was the main moneymaker. When I'd go away to promote albums, my husband came with as my manager, which was a good thing. You hope your partner understands the kids have to come first a lot of times.So I made the first move—he would never have approached me because I was with my daughter.

My expectations for a relationship were modeled on what I learned from them.Do I introduce a new person into her world when she’s a young woman going through changes?