Vietnam sex

26-Sep-2019 22:30

Certainly, the traditional values are held strong in more rural areas and the expectations of a good match are diminished if a woman is not a virgin.

Conversely, men are almost expected to sow their wild oats before settling down and these double standards are a rollover of similar ones in Chinese culture.

In general, sex in Vietnam is experiencing a quiet revolution as the younger generation adopt a more westernised attitude towards relationships.

Urban communities are becoming more liberal minded but are cautious about making this public and often keep the details of their personal lives hidden from their family.

We also look at dating in Vietnam as well as the latest porn viewing trends.

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In contrast, two in five married men have had an affair and includes the use of a prostitute.

There is a Vietnamese saying (used by men) to describe extramarital affairs, ‘’.

Pornography and prostitution are both illegal and the law exists to protected traditional Vietnamese values.

As a communist country, Vietnam allies itself closely to China and it is from its northern neighbours that the strongest cultural traditions are shared.

At the heart of this culture are the four cornerstones of family, harmony, humanity and community.Despite the law, the Vietnamese do enjoy a lot of porn and the top fifty most visited site in Vietnam include those that are adult in content (see porn viewing trends below).