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His best friend Eduardo pops in to help him and they have the site live in less than an hour.Within half an hour after that, the site is so popular, it takes down the entire Harvard computer network.But it would be about computers and software and code and snobby rich kids. Which is exactly why Sony decided on Sorkin to tend the garden.So back in the day I used to work for this producer.The producer wanted to grow as fast as possible (more money).

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Whatever his story was, I knew it had to be a lot more interesting than the last ten people I talked to (French Guy: “I’m directing this commercial in Germany.” Me: “Oh yeah? ” French Guy: “I cannot talk about it.”) So I made my way over and casually introduced myself. I had known this producer for over a year and we’d had thousands of conversations but he had never mentioned a brother.An epic story that would capture the drama of late-night status updates, the power of the poke, who and who not to limit profile access to, and of course, the all important and always necessary “delete friend” feature.