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I have just been gifted a west bend cedar chest dating back to the 1940's i believe and in very good condition with all the inside paperwork attached. Expert's Assistant: I always love having an appraiser look at my stuff.Sometimes its turned out to be surprisingly valuable.On July 8, 1957, a fire started in the old factory and destroyed the last evidence of a once world famous factory.South Bend followed a fairly predictable pattern in the designation of their numbered watch grades.

These chests were usually sold through department stores in the US.The naming of the watch, however, was an obvious attempt to capitalize on the good name of the famous brothers of Studebaker automobile fame.Most ads carried the following line: “Directed by members of the Studebaker family—known for three-quarters of a century for fair dealing.” The Studebaker watches were sold on a credit basis and could be purchased with a down payment of only one dollar.Through the first two decades of the twentieth century the company grew and prospered.

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During its peak years the company produced 60,000 watches annually and employed nearly 600 employees.

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