What is the dating scene like in san francisco

31-Oct-2019 01:23

Toward the first: It is that it is absolutely the case that even successful women care about successful men.

Even if they have enough income to completely provide for their family, it’s important to them that their partner still has an ambitious career path.(Contrary to the article, however, most successful women I talked to don’t care about their partner being more successful than them — I have no idea where the author got it, but it’s probably a combination of overgeneralizing anecdotal evidence and bullshit.

(Please note that this article is predominantly about heterosexual women because the original article was about heterosexual relationships: all data given does not comment on women-in-general, just straight women living in SF seeking monogamous male partners.)An article, called Women Need to Date Carpenters Like Men Date Yoga Instructors, has been going around.

A couple years ago, I spent a summer running user research on single women for a dating service in SF.

It started out with the many gay bars on Polk Street, today much of the LGBT nightlife can be found in the thriving Castro District.

If you are looking to meet transgenders in San Francisco either of those spots should be your first stop.

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(It also contains the noisome quote, “Women are their own worst enemy when it comes to equality,” but most of it isn’t quite that bad.)Here are the main ones:1) Most immediately to the headline, the two professions of carpenter vs yoga instructor are not comparable.Otherwise successful, confident, liberal, feminist-identified women of all races would draw the line at the guy’s height.