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25-Oct-2019 11:12

Structured as a play on haunted house horror films, blending video game elements, and supplying a constant stream of twists, the real problem with "Playtest" is that it never amounts to much more than a critique of the technology itself.

Where more episodes of It's pretty unfair to "The Waldo Moment" that the real world has surpassed what even Brooker could have imagined.

It warns—not that our advanced tools are bad—but that humans can misuse our own creations.

It takes risks with storytelling, and it has even predicted a number of actual real world events, with episodes that have come eerily close to depicting Brexit and Trump before they happened.

The episode is about a comedian who performs as an angry motion-capture cartoon bear for a satirical TV show eventually running the cartoon as a candidate in a parliamentary byelection.

Even in 2013, the episode felt a little too simplistic, and now that we live in a world in which Donald Trump is the Republican presidential nominee, "The Waldo Moment" is at once admirably prescient while feeling just a little too easy with its criticisms of populist politics.

It's in some ways a tad too simplistic, but as a nearly feature-length film, it's totally engaging.

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After an excursion out to raid a house sheltering roaches, one soldier begins to see the truth of his actions.

has become the anthology series that forces us to examine ourselves, and the increasingly technological world in which we inhabit, through the screen we have pointed at ourselves at all times.

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