Who is candace parker dating

18-Feb-2020 15:34

But just to be sure, Goodwin went on the offensive, asking what sort of message it would send if Candace were penalized for her biology. I may go behind the door and cry, but I'm not going to cry in front of anybody."Can't say the same for her coach. I realized then there were expectations."Not everyone, though, is so sanguine."Male athletes don't get dropped when they father kids," he says. "Yeah, I cried a little when I got the news," says Michael Cooper. "For Candace, it is going to be very difficult," says Tom George, Octagon's senior VP of athlete and property marketing."No C-section, that's the biggest thing," Parker says. We'll see about that." She says she's training hard, prepping to play as soon as July, two months after her due date. "The baby will be along for the ride, with me on trips, at the court." She sighs. That's just the way it is." She offers a weary smile before adding, "For now."Parker does demand a lot from herself. "Most sports viewers are men, and the people who attend women's sporting events, 65% of whom are female, aren't the ones watching events on television.The dedication pleases Team Parker very much."Basketball is calming to me. "You don't hear about male players doing that, do you? It's a complicated challenge." Pilson also can't get past the tree-falls-in-a-forest aspect of Parker."Serena and Venus have moved beyond tennis," he says, "but they are African-Americans in a popular, mostly white sport. AFTER BABY Won just four titles in two years, limited in part by knee injury. JENNIE FINCH, 28, SOFTBALLBEFORE BABY Leading up to Athens in 2004, she allowed four runs in 100 1/3 innings with 208 K's. AFTER BABY Leading up to Beijing, in 2008, allowed eight runs in 118 2/3 innings with 201 K's.Candace doesn't have that advantage."Maybe not, but Marj Snyder, chief program and planning officer at the Women's Sports Foundation, thinks times have changed. And our culture loves its stars, be it Lance Armstrong or the next American Idol. But the one with sparkle is the one who wins out."IN SACRAMENTO LAST fall, before news of the pregnancy and before Shelden's trade to Minnesota, Parker sat courtside as her husband's Kings took on the Lakers. "We're here with the best female basketball player of all time and the face of the future, Candace Parker! AFTER BABY Won NYC Marathon in 2007, then defended crown in 2008 with time of . LISA LESLIE, 36, BASKETBALLBEFORE BABY Was WNBA MVP three times. JOYOUS EVENT Daughter Lauren Jolie born June 15, 2007.

"Seriously, though, it's all good."The important thing, everyone agrees, is to get the basketball player back on the court. I feed off of doubt, people telling me I won't be able to come back. "There is no automatic name recognition." Octagon no longer reps WNBA players, nor do they recruit them. "Marketing female athletes has hurdles that marketing men does not," says Pilson, now the head of Pilson Communications.

She will be a bigger Mia Hamm, a more accomplished Danica Patrick. "She was in our 'Me, Myself' campaign," he says of the all-us-girls-are-in-this-together promotion. She has global reach." Gatto says Adidas has been tracking Parker her whole career.