Who is cassie that sean combs is dating

05-Jul-2020 01:58

After all, it's totally possible he gave Cassie an actual proposal and we were privy to none of it.

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The two also collaborated on a few songs together including his 2008 track “Swagga Like Puff” and her 2009 tune “Must Be Love”Soon after going public with their relationship in 2012, Cassie and Diddy were placed in an imaginary gallery of iconic Hip-Hop couples.The couple now seems to be happily dating each other.Previously, she was involved in a long-term dating relationship with American rapper Sean Combs. The couple dated for around eleven years before breaking up in October 2018.Wait, am I the only one who missed the train on the Diddy/Cassie relationship?

It's possible that it's because for the vast majority of the time they've been dating, they kept their relationship a secret.I couldn’t help but be annoyed by many online users who assumed Cassie — not Diddy — wasted her time, just because they never married and conceived children. Also, it unfairly framed their relationship around an old-fashioned ideal both Cassie and Diddy were probably never interested in upholding.