Who is curtis stone dating

19-Apr-2020 21:25

There were many waitresses who thought Todd English was terrible because apparently he would only hit on married women and have affairs with them. How can anyone find someone who is gross and crass attractive in any way? [quote]Unfortunately every time I see him, I remember the story about how his stinky shit in the ladies makeup on Celebrity Apprentice room nauseated the women, who were all running around throwing up.

They said he is very good looking ,and he has masculine charm but a cad. I forgot what the name of the website is because it has been a while since I checked it out. I remember that it was brought up in the broadroom and Trump kept hammering on and on about his stinky shit and Curtis turned beet red and wanted to die.

Married to Asian actress Lindsay Price and they have two sons, but were married only after the first son was born.

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It might be about Curtis Stone, but his wife sure cares about something.but the fact it was Boston & he was so shady about sending a face pic..was definitely NSA / no repeats (or maybe I wasn't his type, despite swallowing my load twice...)..made me wonder what else was going on w/ him.