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28-Dec-2019 06:04

Being such a multifaceted group with a serious constructive rock history, the group needed it’s front-man to be expressive, different, amazing and energetic.

Born on Burnaby, British Columbia in July 9, 1984, the talented front man of the hit band is popular for his flamboyant and fearless presenting styles.

Seeing his profession, at the year 2010, he began his movie debut opposite Hayden Christensen thriller passing on 7th Street. He had his first tv appearance whilst singing the Most Talented Children scene of Maury.

Furthermore, he’s also played in films including Black Nativity, The Maze Runner.

Jacob is always looking for the right girl, but for now Jacob is focusing on his career. Jacob Latimore wants a girl who is down to earth, has a nice smile, gentle, and can make him laugh. Just saying "smfh" is cussing to him, but what Jacob really wants is for a girl to just be comfortable being herself.

Jacob says he likes a girl with a nice smile, down to earth, gentle, and can make him laugh.

Interested in music since his school days, Jacon Hogard other important musical strength is his multi-instrument ability.

Construction worker turned artist Jacob influences include Jimmy Eat World and Steven Tylor.

Jacob Latimore was Created on 10 August, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U. In the youthful age of 11, he moved to Atlanta to keep his career in entertainment and music market.