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Blog directory - Blogdire Directory of blogs, ordered by category. It provides dating tips and flirting strategies as well as advice for understa London Restaurant Reviews brings you local restaurant reviews and recommendations from an American girl who likes to eat, but suddenly found herself in the U. The focus is on dating success for men although some articles are general in nature and anyone can benefit from them.

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I was merely suggesting that these differences we tend to eagerly attribute to biology (a la James Damore) could very well be caused by a bunch of cultural and societal factors, of which bullying could be one.

Also, over the last two decades there has been a significant increase in cultural recognition and representation of male "nerds," as people who belonged to that category have gained positions of influence, thanks to the tech boom in the 90s, which can sometimes inspire students to pursue their interests despite the bullying.

One might wonder how important dating success is during the ages in which young men decide to go into stem.

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Anecdotal 1 to this thesis, which is also presented in the article: I come from Morocco (quite similar to Algeria/Tunisia, which seem to have the highest % of women in STEM), and people are first looking for a job that will guarantee financial freedom. Healthy Relationship Advice Lovers Lawn is a site for single men and women who are looking for love, as well as couples who are deeply in love.