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But don’t worry, it’s definitely a pocket-friendly option since most rides and games start from as low as .IG boyfriends and girlfriends would understand how challenging it is to find a clean and sleek background in Singapore.The best part lies at the end though, as viewers get to see familiar views of Singapore, including the Merlion and Supertrees from Gardens by the Bay. Other rides include Jumper Jumper, which gives you panoramic views of the city, and Spring Break.The latter features a ginormous claw machine that clutches willing victims in its “claws” before it lifts off and swings you around.The drink presents a good mix of ingredients such as Cointreau, Ketal One Citron and fresh lemon juice before being topped with whipped cream and a candy kebab. The Noteway Art Studio’s newly launched “art jamming with a twist” sessions allow you to illustrate your love for your partner through hand-painted masterpieces.

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Fellow introverts, the next time you wanna shrink back into your shell, just remember that this list was specially curated for you, so that you’d be open to the idea that forging meaningful relationships can actually be pretty fun and isn’t that scary after all.Amassing over 7,000 different cameras from mini spy cams to ginormous 6m cameras, these treasures were collected over the course of different eras, with some dating as far back as the 1800s.The neat way the cameras are arranged on shelves acts as a pretty hipster backdrop for photos too.Get help from bae and hook your chosen bag together – it’s also an opportunity to get some unassuming hand-holding action into the picture.

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While entry may be free, the rides, games and food can be enjoyed when you purchase credits*.

If that’s not impressive enough, they’ve also got an arcade, a darts station, a bar, pool table and KTV booths all under one roof.

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